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    Effective Negotiation Skills

    Introduction Negotiation Skills can be advantageous throughout life. At its heart, negotiation is about influencing outcomes in a manner that ensures maximum benefit or value for you personally. In sales, negotiation works toward closing the deal in a mutually-satisfactory manner. Those who master the art […]

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    Strategic Marketing Management

    Introduction Marketing is responsible for driving the organic growth of a business, and digital technologies have significantly changed the practice of marketing to become agile, data-driven, and measurable. Whether you’re a marketing executive or a general manager, this program dives deep into the latest marketing […]

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    Effective Product Management

    Introduction Behind every successful product is a team of talented and experienced product managers. Contrary to popular belief, successful products don’t simply happen by chance. Quite the opposite – every step of the product’s journey from conceptualisation to reaching end-user is carefully planned and orchestrated. […]

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    Fundamentals of Marketing Research  

    Introduction Fundamentals of Marketing Research course provides students with an introduction to marketing research and explains how it can support management to make better marketing decisions. This course discusses the role of marketing research in the marketing mix process. It focuses on the principles and […]

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    Sales Territory Planning and Management

    Introduction Your success as a field and distribution sales professional will ultimately depend on how efficiently and effectively you can manage your sales territory by building strong sales pipelines and advancing sales opportunities with a focus on growing relationships with key and high potential customers. […]

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    Developing Super Sales Executives

    Introduction In any competitive environment, the ability of sales leaders of an organisation to manage often complex challenges and environments, will ultimately determine its ongoing success. To thrive and grow, sales leaders need to have the ability to think and act differently as circumstances dictate […]

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    Credit Sales Management: Credit Marketing

    Introduction This course is about increasing cash conversion and reducing credit risk. For many businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, credit sales can be inevitable, first for survival and second for growth. Yet, these enterprises do experience difficulties in collecting debts after they make sales, […]

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    Marketing for Non-Marketing Executive

    Introduction Marketing is an approach to business that places the consumer as the centre of all business activities and focuses on satisfying customer needs and wants. In today`s business world, marketing is viewed as essential to creating and delivering value both to the organization and […]

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    Strategic Sales & Customer Management

    Introduction Strategic Sales and  customer management helps organizations large or small deliver a more profitable customer experience through strategic sales. This course will show how customer management  can have impact positively on sales, marketing, customer service, technology and operations. You’ll explore ways to get organizations […]

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