Writing is the primary mean of communication for most of the individuals, but many people face issues with it. The most important method of communication for people who are related to business fields is through messages. Most of the messages that are transferred are related to a kind of action that must be taken, or some important business decisions must be made. Nowadays, business uses different methods of communication like emails, memos, video conferences, letters, etc. In this course, you will learn about the different way of business writing as you will be focused on the spellings, grammar and punctuations. You will likewise learn about the standard business documents such as proposals, reports and business agendas.

You will also learn about the different words that you will work with as well as business-related terms, how to construct sentences as constructing sentences plays the main role in any writing, the format and the basic structure for writing agendas. The most critical writing of a business is report writing as it helps the supervisors to identify the organisations quality of work. In this lessons, you will learn how to write a report accurately and also cover different types of writing. Through analysis of successful organisational systems and processes, this course gives delegates the skills and tools needed to think differently about how they work and identify opportunities to save money and deliver better outputs. You will also learn about the common writing error that the writers make and how can you correct them. Lastly, many other topics will be covered in details related to business writing in this course.


Having completed this course, you will be able to list and explain the rules that govern written language, describe the planning process and the essential elements of a business document. Demonstrate your ability to preparer and present information using a writing style that will increase understanding, retention and motivation to act.

Discuss the implication of legal business writing and explain the need of writing business letter, list the elements of business letters and describe the basic layout of business letter.

  • Introduction to Business writing
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  •  Principles of business writing  
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  • Think, then write: writing preparation
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  •  A planning checklist for business messages  
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  • Writing style
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  •  Business communication  
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  • Business writing skills
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