Delivering presentations of a technical nature to executives presents unique challenges for the presenter, especially when presenting to non-technical C- level audiences. Not only will the presenter need to possess effective delivery skills, but the content will need to be organized in such a way as to make it understandable and accessible to the audience. In other words, the presentation must be aligned with the technical expertise and overall needs of the Executive listener.

This course focuses on teaching methods helpful for professional technical communication, including preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy. It  also covers the use of visual aids and handling question-and-answer sessions. Participants practice by preparing and delivering a real-life Executive presentation, ideally one which they will be delivering in a genuine business situation.

Deliverables: At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Speak and think with greater clarity and purpose, stressing key ideas
  • Face an audience or camera with confidence and control, and make the most of your own natural speaking style
  • Shape and organize your public speaking and presentations to persuade listeners and get the response and results you want
  • Conquer fear of public speaking and negative stress
  • Make your performance skills, your sense of humour and your own personality work for you
  • Give impromptu and prepared speeches to other peers in the training and receive personalized feedback on executive presentations

For whom:

Senior Managers

Executive Officers

Course Features

  • Duration : 1 day
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 0
  • Re-take Course : 0
  • Assessments : Self
Price :
₦ 15,000

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