This is a course designed to help you develop professionally and achieve your career goals, while you earn a professional certificate which qualifies you for the appropriate continuous professional development (CPD).

The Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills Development aims to develop the learner understand of the concept and underlying required skill set that set apart a person as an entrepreneur.

The learner will be able to understand in details the financial, human, and leadership side of an entrepreneur so that the learner can garner the ideas and adopt the required skills to become a successful entrepreneur.


Participants at the end of the course would be able to define entrepreneurship, categories of entrepreneurs and Business model. Have adequate insight on various skills for entrepreneurs, partners, activities & resources. Understand financial aspects of entrepreneurship, legal aspects and human resource. Have Complete Step-by-step Guide of How to turn your Passion into a Profitable Business .How to Identify What You Are Good At and how to inspire others with Your Ideas. Also, Be a Self-Motivator, Communicate with Confidence and understand Mastering Personal Branding.

For Whom:

  • Anyone Looking to Increase Their Income by Developing New Healthier Habits
  • Those Looking to Feed their Minds with New Skills
  • Anyone Wanting to Become Richer in Their Personal and Professional Life
  • People That are Looking to Add More Value to Others
  • Those Who Feel a Strong Vision in Their Heart
  • People That Have a Burning Desire to Inspire the World with Their Ideas
  • Anyone Looking to Learn The Skills That Can Improve The Success of Every Entrepreneur


  • Definition of entrepreneur
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  • Types of entrepreneurial skills
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  • Ways of developing entrepreneurial skills
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  • Identifying your strength and coming up with world changing ideas
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  • Learning how to communicate your ideas
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  • Learning how to sale your ideas
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  • Building community and support for your ideas
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  • Fostering personal resilience
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Course Features

  • Duration : 2 day
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 0
  • Re-take Course : 0
  • Assessments : Self
Price :
₦ 20,000

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