Dealing with consumer objections is a huge part of any sales position. Not every customer is going to be easily convinced that your product is best for them, and they may come up with numerous objections to the sale.

Part of your job is to seriously address these concerns, taking the time to thoroughly understand each one. Only then can you go through the steps that you need to take, in order to overcome them, convincing the customer that your product is the best one for their unique needs.

This course goes into detail regarding how to handle sales objections throughout your career. It begins by giving you an overview of the preliminary skills that you need to master, before you can begin handling any customer concerns.


  • Participants at the end of this course will be able to  review the most common types of objections that  can be encounter, along with a few quick tips on how to overcome them and have good knowlege of  general techniques that can be applied to other types of objections.
  • Understand how  to handle complaints, which are essentially objections from customers, once the sale has been completed

For whom:

Marketing Officers, Sales Executives, Sales Representatives


Course Features

  • Duration : 2 day
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 0
  • Re-take Course : 0
  • Assessments : Self
Price :
₦ 20,000

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