Office Ethics and relationship  are an integral part of today’s corporate structure.  There is a need to monitor consistency of compliance and ethics by responding to ethics questions and issues, monitoring regulations, drafting and updating policies and standard operating procedures, building relationship and ethics policies for potential gaps, and collaborating with company stakeholders to communicate information to employees.

Office Ethics and Relationship management  certification issued by Lorache Academy covers multiple aspects of office  ethics. You’ll be tested on your knowledge of business ethics and how to implement an ethical compliance program within the workplace. Ethical decision making, social responsibility, and whistleblowing are all covered within the scope of this program. This program goes further than most however, because it also covers building relationship in a work environment. An employers or manager must have the ability to use continuous improvement principles to monitor and update a company’s ethical policies. This program will test your core understanding of corporate behaviour development.

Having an online ethics certification shows that you have a strong understanding of how to develop a company’s ethical behaviour and building a positive relationship. A trained ethics manager helps to maintain relationships with key stakeholders; supporting plans and initiatives to meet customer and business needs.  Gaining an online ethics management certification can be the first step in getting started in this exciting industry.

A company’s ethics will determine its reputation. Good business ethics are essential for the long-term success of an organization and long lasting relationship within the workforce. Implementing an ethical program will foster a successful company culture and increase profitability.


  • Effective understanding of office ethics
  • Understand the characteristics of office ethics and relationship
  • Adequate knowledge of various types of office ethics and violations
  • Know the benefits of office ethics and relationship management
  • Understand the benefits of promoting office ethics and ways of building strong office ethics

For Whom

Certainly, supervisors and managers need to understand your company’s ethics policy and the importance of enforcing it. Train them on your policy, as well as the need to observe the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in the workplace. Also, Anyone interested in Human Resources, Ethics, Corporate Ethics, General Ethics, or related fields.

  • Definition of Office Ethics
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  • Relationship between ethics and relationship management
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  • Characteristics of good work ethics.
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  • Examples of a good Office ethics.
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  • Office ethics and violations.
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  • Office ethics as a management discipline.
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  • Benefits and importance of managing ethics and relationship in an office.
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  • Factors that demonstrate a strong office ethics.
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Course Features

  • Duration : 1 day
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 0
  • Re-take Course : 0
  • Assessments : Self
Price :
₦ 15,000

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