This course has been designed to provide the ultimate learning experience for our participants to further develop their expertise in their chosen field. Gain the essentials skills and knowledge you need to propel your career forward as an HR and payroll manager.

This course will set you up with the appropriate qualifications and experience needed for the job and is ideal for both beginners and those currently working as an HR manager.

Successful completion of this course will not only earn you an accredited certificate but also equip you with extraordinary skills in the relevant field. Make your training work for you with this prestigious qualification.

This course supports learners of all skill levels. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced learner looking to brush up on your skills or a beginner wanting to start a new career or learn something new, our dedicated team of expert tutors is on hand to guide you through your learning every step of the way from enrolment to course completion.




At the end of this course participant would ,

  • Have Clear Understanding About Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management
  • Know About The Winning Formula of Retaining Employees
  • Become a better Manager by Motivating & Helping Your Employees
  • You Will be Able to Acquire Qualified People
  • Perform Your Duties as a part of Human Resources (HR) or Talent Management
  • Understand The Employee’s Needs & Help in Fulfilling Them
  • Develop Skills of Employees and Engage Them
  • Increase Business Value by Retaining Top Performing Employees.

For Whom

This course is designed for Certified Human Resource Professionals, Human Resource (HR) Graduates & Interns, Human Resource Professionals, New Managers or Supervisors, HR Managers, Learning & Development (L&D) Professionals, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Talent Management Professionals, Business Owners, Start-up Owners, Management Students & Staff and those who have interest in organizational management

Course Features

  • Duration : 2 day
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 0
  • Re-take Course : 0
  • Assessments : Self
Price :
₦ 20,000

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