Take That Leap


Take That Leap is the book you need to get, read and start executing the ideas in it starting from today before you exit your current employment.

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In the journey of life, change is a constant phenomenon. One of the most important changes you will face is transitioning from being an employee to starting and running a profitable business as an entrepreneur.
Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is as exciting as it is difficult. The decision to do so shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Before you quit your job or faced with a sudden situation that can bring your employee-status to a halt, you need not wait or procrastinate to find and get answers to questions every successful entrepreneur of today had answered when they transitioned from employees to entrepreneurs.
In writing “Take That Leap”, I traced my personal experience, then researched hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and explained in the book the key elements that made the transition from employee to entrepreneur a successful endeavor for such entrepreneurs.

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