Personal Productivity and Effectiveness


If you have any experience running a business, or if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you likely know about all the complexities involved with attempting to build any semblance of a successful company. It’s one of the most taxing experiences that anyone can endure, and it involves a tremendous amount of hard work, skill, and intelligence, and perseverance. I need not tell you that.
However, what is conveyed here are the often-overlooked fundamental methods and principles for building a successful business. As long as you keep them in mind, your success will be far more effortless. If you ignore them, and look towards short-term gains and superficial goals, over time, you may not record a success. You might taste temporary success, but it will be fleeting at best.
The numerable number of nuggets lies on the pages of Personal Productivity and Effectiveness, it is an irresistible daily guide to being a better manager. The facts are clearly laid out, easy to comprehend, and extremely practicable.


Personal Productivity and Effectiveness is ladened with a series of inspirational, educative, and solution proffering tips packaged to nurture and sharpen SMEs. It is also designed to help Entrepreneurs improve their business skills, knowledge, and capacity for better business performance, growth, and sustainability. Indeed a “Daily Guide to Being a Better Manager”
This book asked a number of questions such as “if failure is just a matter of lack of trying or lack of will or lack of something else for that matter? Herein, you’ll learn what separates the wildly-successful businesses from the ones that fail? Clearly, the success of a business has very much to do with the person or persons that are running it. Who are the founders? What are their core beliefs and values? What are their motivations in life?


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